Who we are


Thailand Supply Chain Network (TSCN) was founded in 2019 from the collaboration among nine leading private organizations in Thailand:

Fundamentally, TSCN is divided into five working groups to increase management efficiency. These five groups are Logistics and Supply Chain, Healthcare, Sustainability and Circular Economy, Education, and Pride of ASEAN.


Mission & Vision


TSCN’s purpose is to establish intercorporate collaboration among Thai entrepreneurs to exchange information, knowledges, and experiences from previous investments as well as to increase investment among each other. Additionally, it aims to help Thai businesses expanding to overseas market throughout the entire supply chain whilst adhering to sustainable business practice. 


TSCN has established three principal objectives:

Protecting the Value

This includes business continuity management, business laws, finance and social responsibility.

Creating the Value

This includes collaboration to promote efficiency of existing works like cross-selling, cross-training, joint ventures, joint resources utilization.

Innovating the Value

To co-create innovation and extend investments in projects that have never been invested in before, such as online platform co-creation, joint funds for startups, cross-training on employee skills, and employing program developers for local projects.