Terms of Service

Thailand Supply Chain Network or TSCN Platform

The Terms of Service for using Thailand Supply Chain Network or TSCN Platform (hereby the “Terms of Service”) indicate the terms of service provided by Pan International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


  • Platform” refers to Thailand Supply Chain Network or TSCN Platform which is a communicating and self-promoting channel for registered members via online platform with the purposes to boost sales and any other business activities as well as for exchanging information and knowledge among members and to create Member network.
  • Company” or “Platform Provider” refers to Pan International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Member” refers to an entrepreneur who registers on the Platform and is verified in accordance with the standard protocol of the Platform Provider and agrees to comply with the Terms of Service.
  • Member Content” refers to any contents submitted, transmitted, or uploaded on to the Platform, including, but not limited to, images, text, messages, product and service description, and/or other information.

Agreement to the Terms of Service

  • The Terms of Service are effective immediately upon Member’s acceptance to the Terms of Service outlined as follows:

A. Member shall adhere to relevant laws and regulations governing the use of the Platform;

B. Member shall not use the Platform to conduct any illegal activities;

C. Member shall abide by all of the rules, policies, and procedures of the Platform Provider in association with using the Platform;

D. Member shall not encourage, support, or disseminate illegal information via the Platform;

E. Member shall not intervene with the use of the Platform by others;

F. Member shall not use or disseminate file/program/software with virus or similar harm that may cause damage to the use of Platform by others;

G. Member shall not intervene or interrupt any networks link to the Platform;

H. Member shall not use any item or software for intervening the Platform; and

I. Member shall provide true personal status data and any datum in respect of using the Platform and to ensure that the data are regularly updated.

  • All Members shall use the Platform in accordance with the Terms of Service. Members may not use the Platform unless they agree to the Terms of Service.
  • If there is any modification or addition to the Terms of Service applicable, Member hereby agree to comply with such modification or addition to the Terms of Service as well as the Terms of Service being in use of the Platform.
  • The Company reserves the right to modify or cease to provide any Platform service anytime at the Company’s discretion.
  • The Company reserves the right to inspect, modify, or delete Member Content, including revoking Member’s content access at the Company’s sole discretion.
  • The Company reserves the right to deny user registration, account creation, and password generation for any reason.
  • The Company reserves the right to, at any time, with any reason, and at its sole discretion, suspend the Member’s account if there is a reasonable opinion that the Member violates the Company or any third party without providing any prior notice or a reason for suspension to the Member and the Member agrees not to claim for any compensation from the Company.

Modifications to Terms of Service

  • The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service anytime without any prior notice to Members by updating the modified Terms of Service on the Platform which shall be effective immediately upon publication.

Platform Provider Responsibility

  • The Company is the Platform Provider only. It does not act as a buyer, agent, or user and shall only display the data received from the Members. The Company does not take part in any agreement made between the Members.
  • The Company shall not be responsible for any delay, failure, or disruption to provide the service or transmit the content via the Platform which is a direct or indirect result of force majeure or any cause which is not reasonably foreseeable or beyond the Company’s reasonable control.
  • The Company shall not be responsible for any claim, demand, damages, or loss that may incur from the use of the Platform by the Member as well as any dispute between Members.
  • The Company retains the sole right to the Platform ownership and all rights in relation to the Platform ownership and contents including trade secret and intellectual property.

Warranty and Limitation

  • The Company provides no warranty with respect to the sales, revenue, profit, or any loss/damages that may incur from the use of the Platform under Member’s administration.
  • The Company shall provide no guarantee that the operation of the Platform, including the manual of the Platform, will not be disturbed or not having any error.  However, if there are any such errors, the Company will timely perform troubleshooting steps to identify and solve the problem in accordance with the Company’s standard.
  • The Company provides no warranty over the quality control, accuracy to the purpose, safety or legality of the goods or services advertised including its accuracy or completeness of the information about the goods or services.
  • The Company provides no guaranty or warranty that the production, sales, importation and exportation, product / service offering and / or the use of product / service offered or displayed on the Platform will not violate the rights of any third party.

Reservation of right to post and display the Member Content, products and/or services

  • The operation of the Company is managing the Platform by allocating an online space as a center for direct communication among the Members via the Company’s Platform for displaying the Member Content, products, or services and the Member can view any posted product or service, which cause the Member to be able to freely and directly contact and negotiate with the other Member without any interference by the Company. Hence, the Company is not legally participating, both de facto and de jure, with any transaction, post or display of the Member Content, provision and accuracy of any information, communication or negotiation of any Member.
  • All information and details of the Member Content, product and/or service displayed or showed on the Platform of the Company are solely prepared by the Member who is the owner of such product and/or service, hence, the Company provides no guarantee and warranty and the Company shall have no liability or obligation to any Member and third party in connection with the post, quality, quantity, price, time period which shall be solely responsible by the Member. The Member also agrees not to request the Company to be responsible for, share any responsibility of, or obligated, whether legally or in accordance with this Terms of Service, to any loss or damage suffered by the Member or any related third party.
  • For security purpose, the Company will use its reasonable efforts to manage a system in accordance with the international standards of a managing online channel as a communication center business provided that such system management including a provision of information and other assistances to the Member shall not obliged the Company to be responsible to or on behalf of any person. However, all Members should use their judgement and care in considering any post of the Member Content, product, and/or service on the Platform of the Company such as an accuracy or truthfulness of an information or other details of any post, a communication between the Members before making decision to purchase a product or service or entering into any transaction.

Relationship between the Company and the Member

  • The Company has no legal relation with the Member, whether as an agent, broker, partner, employer, employee, etc., other than providing the Platform of the Company to be used by the Member. Moreover, the Company does not recommend or invite any Member to enter into any transaction, agreement or contract and the Company does not have or receive any benefit from any post, communication, or transaction to be entered into between the Members.

The Company’s rights to access and upload the Member’s information (for the Member registered via ThaiBev’s Supplier Portal system)

  • The Member agrees to have its information registered in ThaiBev’s Supplier Portal system (http://www.paninter.com/) uploaded to the Platform by the Company to facilitate the registration of Member without having to fill additional information or reattach the documents such as a name, certificate, list of contact person, etc. In this regard, the Company agrees to perform such action with a protection of data privacy in accordance with the applicable laws.